It's a Full Circle. A year after the Yes Mama EP released during the lockdown, Missy D hopes to get you jamming in your living room to her new song "Rollin".  Rollin is a song about the ups and downs, peaks and valleys, bumps and triumphs of life. It's been a wild year after the pandemic and as Missy D tries to take it day by day, she is greeted with the Rollercoaster that we call Life.

Missy D hopes that this song makes you groove and move through your thoughts as you sit in reflection and recall the highs and lows of this past year, week or day. But remember that you are here.  It's not just about keeping it steady but rolling and living. Turn up the music, two step, groove, roll that body, move your soul,  live, and challenge the day… and it's ok to have bad days we all know "some days are ok, some days are different" 🎵